On this Webpage I want to present briefly a few of my friends:

Luigi is a long time friend of mine and lives now in Germany with his dear spouse Theresa.
I already know him since my first United Nations peacekeeping mission 1972 in Cyprus (UNFICYP).
We travelled together with other friends throughout the southeastern part of the USA from New York to Florida.
He was a professional soldier at the Austrian Army and is now a retired "Chief Warrant Officer".
Beside he possesses a "Ferrari" and that is of course his whole pride!
I became acquainted with Martin as a teammate, when I began my activity in the State Department in 1982. Some years later we met in New York when he was working at the Austrian UN-Representation and myself at the Austrian Consulate General. Thus we undertook already in the USA much together, met also later again in Vienna and made journeys to Romania and Tunesia.
During his service at the Austrian Embassy in Sofia/Bulgaria, he married the lovely Irina. Both have now two lovely daughters Ernestina and Romana. Also he has a nice son from his first marriage called Martin jr.
I was knowing Oswald† since my military mission with the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) on Golan Heights in 1974, where he was appointed as "Sergeant Major" during his last duty.
We accomplished many journeys together, e.g. several times across the Unites States and to Mexico. Also we travelled often together within Europe (Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Italy, Switzerland, Romania and Turkey), lately to England/Wales/Scotland and crossed all the Baltic States up north to Finland.
During his trip to the Himalayan territory he died suddenly from a heart attack on Sept. 29th, 2009 whilst visiting the famous monastry „Taktshang“ near the city Paro in Bhutan.
An Austrian newspaper was reporting this tragic incident (see the Link here - but it's in German language).
At this point I would like to preserve the memory of him in mourning!

Added to my very good friends are my former colleagues Rudi† and Ewald, which also worked with diplomatic duties.
Although both are already retired, this fact has not diminished our friendship and we continued to meet very often.
Rudi† was the chief clerk of the registry at the Austrian Consulate General in New York and we worked there together for about 10 years. Thus we have experienced a lot in the U.S.A. and had much in common.
It happened by coincidence that he lived with his wife "Jo" in our neighborhood, so we were very often in contact. On March 31st, 2019 he suddenly left us forever!
At this point I would like also to preserve the memory of him in mourning!
Ewald was also a chief clerk, but at the Representation of Austria to the European Union in Brussels/Belgium. I worked with him together for more than 6 years and we had many adventures in Belgium.
Together with him and his wife "Liuba" we undertook journeys to Romania, France and England.